Octave: A free library of UI sounds, handmade for iOS.

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Octave: A free library of UI Sounds

Few mobile apps make use of user interface sounds. Whether through lack of time, expertise or interest, not enough developers make use of it. Good sound can enhance usability and draw people into your app, just like well-considered UI or a beautiful icon.

Many developers lack the tools or knowledge to do sound well, and most free sound libraries suck. So we figured we'd make it easy for you, and put together a free pack of beautiful, simple sounds that can be used wherever you like.

Octave contains a bunch of great-sounding clicks and beeps that can be used throughout your project. So go ahead and download a copy, have fun, and let us know if you use it for something cool.

What's included?

  • 48 hand-crafted sounds - taps, beeps & slides - designed for use in user interfaces, and saved as 16 bit, 44.1khz .aifs
  • A Sound category for UIButton, to simplify the use of UI sounds on iOS
  • If you're new to working with sound, it might be worth checking out our tips for some things to think about before you start.


Handcrafted in Tasmania by an experienced sound designer/iOS developer, Octave is curated from a personal collection of over 10,000 individual samples harvested over the last decade.


Yep, as in beer. Use the sounds for whatever you want, gratis. Attribution is always welcome, but not required.

Need custom sounds for your app or project? Get in touch.


Using iOS or OS X? A UIButton Category is included, to make interface sounds as easy as:

[myButton setSoundNamed:@"mySound.aif" forControlEvent: UIControlEventTouchUpInside]


Custom UI Sounds

If you can't find the sound you're looking for in Octave, or you're just after something unique for your project, we also offer custom design services.

We'll work with you to understand your app, and how sound could complement its existing look & feel and enhance your users' experience. Sounds are then created specifically for your app.

$150 for the first sound + $100 for each additional sound.

This includes:

  • A short consultation over Skype/FaceTime to talk about your project and finalise the brief.
  • Recording, production and mastering of sounds
  • Two rounds of revisions, based on your feedback
  • Delivery of final, mastered sounds in specified format
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