How does UIButton+Sound work?

It declares a category on UIButton that uses the magic of associative references to allow you to create an AVAudioPlayer simply by calling:

[myButton addSoundTitled:@"mySound.aif" forControlEvents: UIControlEventTouchUpInside]

This method is very convenient (no need to deal with calling play on button press, or calling addTarget: on your buttons), but it's probably inefficient if you're playing the same sound on a number of different buttons.

Note: At this stage, the only two supported UIControlEvents for this second method are UIControlEventTouchUpInside and UIControlEventTouchDown. Adding more is pretty trivial - check the source - but let me know if you think more should be added for some reason.

Can I use the samples in my (Android/Flash/WinMo) project?

Most likely. The files are standard .aifs - something like Audacity will convert them into whatever format it is that you people use.

Why not .CAF files?

AIF files work great on iOS and Mac, and can still be opened/edited/converted on almost any machine. Makes converting them for different uses simple.

Are you able to create custom sounds for my project?

Signs point to yes - get in touch.

Who are you?

I'm Fred Showell, an iOS developer and ex-musician living in Tasmania, Australia.